Public Place Private Space

Public Place

Private Space

Danièle Stewart

There is a fine boundary between the public and private. Private information is spread into the public domain regularly and almost uncontrollably. It is inevitably up to us to authorize our privacy to become public. We choose what we allow to be seen. With so much information being easily publicized and widely disseminated, the notion of intimate and private information is ever eroding.  It has become harder to define and experience intimacy and privacy. Public Place Private Space explores ideas of intimacy and displays them in a public setting as a deconstruction of the very concept – extracting the private and allowing the objects to become public.

These porcelain ceramic objects are suggestions of the “un-intimate”.  They are the negative or hidden spaces within my body that are commonly passed over and disregarded. Through the use of a precious material, intimate markings and gestures, which have rarely been seen or experienced in a way that occupies conscious space, are rendered for public consumption. Making these spaces tangible, gives them life and intimacy.

The process of crafting these objects is, in itself, very personal and private. Through the firing and display of these pieces in a public place, the veil of intimacy is stripped away.   An element of privacy, however, is subtly retained within the markings and shapes of these precious objects.

Public Place Private Space is the separation of the body and the mind, the public and private. We have become so open to sharing information that we sometimes lose connection with ourselves. The desire to share with the public can often inhibit thoughtful consideration of what it is we are actually sharing.

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